Day 11: Organization & Documentation

Tomorrow’s the day.

Details of this 30 day blogging challenge details available at I Love You Potato.

I remember when I started menstruating, my mom told me track it by circling CD1 on a wall calendar.  Old school.  Pre-TTC and my first few cycles, I used a basic period tracker, but it was soon clear I needed an app to track my BBT.  Everyone has their favorite, but I started using Kindara for iPhone and never stopped.  The app is free and has improved a lot since I first started using it.  It has capabilities to track custom data points and little notes/journals for each day.  If you are set on an app determining when you ovulated, though, I’d still recommend Fertility Friend.  I think you can get full membership free for a month and have to pay thereafter.  I’m cheap though, and can easily pinpoint ovulation using LH strips and my BBT, so I only used FF for a few cycles.