Confirmed: Blighted Ovum

Last night, I emailed my ob/gyn with my deduction and request for instructions and pain medication. This morning, she officially confirmed no ectopic and a blighted ovum—zero embryo, but a sac and placenta embedded in my lining.

I was also informed I have to come in for formal counseling. No couch—advisement on risks and instructions to go to the hospital if I hemorrhage… you know, no big deal. Friday morning I’ll head over to sign on the dotted line that I know what I’m in for, pick up my misoprostol (Cytotec) and Norco (a lower-acetaminophen version of Vicodin), and probably swing by the grocery store to pick up some pads and treats for myself.

misoprostol (Cytotec) label

It’s weird. They say women nest before giving birth, and I’ve been nesting this week. Knowing I’m going to be laid out this weekend, I’ve been more diligent with chores and have been trying to create a nicer environment for myself to roll around miserably in.