Day 9: FOOD

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Excuse me while I get on my soapbox. Ahem. For me, I feel best when closely following a primal or paleo lifestyle. That being said, everyone’s body is different, and what works for me may not work for you. But in general, eat more real food and less processed crap. ALSO, all of these crazy claims are just that—crazy. Eating 100 pineapple cores is not going to make a poor-quality embryo implant. It just won’t. *Steps down.*

Alter Eco Dark BlackoutNow, for comfort food!

My Number One Go To. Dark chocolate and whole organic milk. If you truly appreciate dark chocolate, my favorite is Alter Eco Dark Blackout (85%). It’s fruity and wonderful (not bitter), has low sugar, and doesn’t have any suspect ingredients. If you’re new to dark chocolate, however, I recommend Cachet 80% Ugandan dark chocolate—it’s milkier tasting for those who aren’t quite ready for a cacao fruit taste.

I prefer red wine in the fall, but if it’s still hot where you are, I recommend pairing chilled pinot grigio with fresh bacon. This accidental discovery became a repeat performance. Please indulge on my behalf, since I can’t enjoy this again until next summer.