Day 10: Something Positive

Writing today’s post has been a struggle. Excuse typos… it would appear exhaustion is beginning to hit me.

Details of this 30 day blogging challenge details available at I Love You Potato.

When work is a pleasure, life is a joy! When work is a duty, life is slavery.Right now, it’s definitely my job. I work in the school setting, so I am swamped with work at this time of year. I have a fresh start serving 5 new schools this year—a different school every day—which means I have to learn to navigate all-new personalities, but I also don’t have to be surrounded by people who saw my belly swell last time. I’m pretty good at my job, so it’s satisfying. Most days I am happy to wake up and go to work. Every day is different.

It has its downsides. Yesterday I was reviewing a case, reading about a student who is disabled due to placental abruption at 41 weeks gestation. It was otherwise a normal pregnancy. This is not the kind of shit I should be reading… except it’s my job. But I don’t have to read these stories every day, and I really do love it.